Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Order of Magnitude Recording: I've Got Wood-Based Puns

Starting off with a selection of terrible puns. They're not related to the game, but if I had to suffer through them then you do to. But I'll spare you the intermission where I straight up read XKCD's What If's while waiting for a player to get back from the store.

Plots and Puns

Monday, March 25, 2013

Recordings of Magnitude: Down Came The Rain

Due to some technical difficulties the first 10 minutes or so of the session didn't get recorded. What you missed: the fire (started by Jack) is starting to spread and the Order is seeing the problem with having only offensive capabilities (and also forgetting that they have a decanter of endless water buried deep in one of their bags of holding). Fortunately an orcish druid shows up and summons up a rainstorm.

And so here we go: #10

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Recordings of Magnitude: The Eye of the Giant Spherical Monster

In this episode the players face off against one of their nastier opponents ever: a beholder (or "pinata of terrible"). Sadly no PC deaths but the monster probably would have been more effective if I remembered that it could fly around.

Revenge of the Shit Bag

If anyone is interested, here's the Savage Worlds stats for the beholder:

Beholders (WC)
Agility-d6, Smarts-d10, Spirit-d8, Strength-d10, Vigor-d10

Skills: Fighting-d8, Intimidation-d10, Shooting-d12, Notice 1d12+1
Parry: 6, Pace: 5" Flying; Toughness: 12 (3)

Size +2
Armor +3
Anti-Magic Eye: The beholder's large central eye projects a cone of anti-magic which prevents all spellcasting, automatically dispels existing spells and causes all magical items and constructs to stop functioning until removed from the area. This includes the beholder's eye beams.
Level-Headed: Beholders draw two cards and act on the best. 
Eye Beams: The beholder has 10 eye beams, all of which have a range of 6/12/24. Only 4 beams can be directed at a single target. If the Beholder hits with a raise the victim suffers a -2 to resist the power.
  • Puppet: As the Power, 10 minute duration. 
  • Telekinesis: As the power, lasts indefinitely so long as the eye remains focused on the target.
  • Sleep: Make a Spirit roll or fall unconscious. Lasts 10 minutes or until forcibly awoken.
  • Flesh To Stone: Resisted with Vigor, if the target fails make a hit location. Torso or head hits inflict complete petrification, limbs hit will only petrify the body part (making it unusable).
  • Disintegrate: Inflicts 1d10 damage, plus 1d10 for every raise on the shooting roll. ignores armor.
  • Fear: As the Power.
  • Slow: As Sluggish Reflexes.
  • Pain Beam: Inflicts 3d6 damage, 4d6 on a Raise. 
  • Death: Target must make a Vigor roll or become Incapacitated (rolling Vigor again to see if they survive). 
  • Paralyze: The target must make a Spirit roll become Paralyzed for 5 turns.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Recordings of Magnitude: Cleaning Up The Ashes

In this session we've got failed attempts at strong-arm bargaining and lots and lots of puns about people burning to death. Enjoy!

Episode 8: Mad Scie...I Mean Magic

PS: For those who are curious about the picture everyone's talking about around the 30 minute mark here's the picture I used to illustrate my vision of Merrix D' Cannith:


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recordings of Magnitude: SAVAGE edition

The Order has been playing again for several months now and I'm only now managing to get around to editing and posting their new adventures. The biggest news is that we've decided to change systems after the downtime, going from Pathfinder to Savage Worlds.

Unfortunately we also lose a lot of players from the original Order. Magnus has gone to the Lord of Blades, Glorin and Sahath have retired and Shara has been murdered. In their place the Order is joined by another adventuring group, The Band of Eston: Ulrick (an officer from Cyre), Jin (a crack archer), Frank (an extremely elderly elven priest) and Cupcake (a gnomish bard).

Savage Adventures pt 1

Recordings of Magnitude: Adventures In Xendrik

These are mp3 recordings I've made of the Order's adventures, specifically their adventures in Xendrik

Part 1: The Order arrives in Xendrik and makes preparations to pursue the Emerald Claw into the jungle. Unfortunately this was made using a crappy little mp3 player as the recording device and it ran out of memory halfway through the session.

After the recording gave out the Order battles a Froghemoth, loses Tayin and heads back to Stormreach to take a different boat. They're attacked by more vampiric hounds and are helped by Sahath, a Silver Flame Inquisitor who joins up for the time being. They head back out and make it a few days before they're ambushed by giants in the jungle. The battle takes a sudden turn when Magnus comes up from belowdecks and the giants suddenly stop fighting, shocked into awe by the metal man and insisting that he come with them to meet their god. Magnus agrees and he and the rest of the order are taken into the jungle by the giants who place Magnus and Glorin on a giant block of stone that turns out to be powerfully magnetic...and then their god shows up. A 6-story tall Rust Monster.

Part 2 and Part 3: The Order battles the giant's god...and then replaces it. There's some attempts to censor language and the like, before I completely give up in later recordings.

Part 4: The Order stumbles around an ancient giant temple full of monsters and monkeys (yes, yes I know gorillas would be great apes...and I don't care).

Part 5 The climax of the adventure in Xendrik and Part 6 where we wrap things up.

At this point there is a long, long period downtime as one of the players leaves for college (unfortunately he ends up moving away permanently) and we try out a different game. However, in time the Order returns!

The Text Ages 4: The Final Paragraphs

So the order had just finished a major job, leaving crushed enemies and smoking wreckage across 3 or so countries in their wake. Magnus is fully engaged with research with House Cannith working to examine the two ancient schema pieces they've examined so far. This will take quite a while and it'll lead to the longest downtime for the Order so far (and with Magnus occupied possibly the quietest).

So other than a few minor personal projects (Nolan hunting through Sharn for great restaurants and exotic recipes and Jack trying to convince Magnus to help construct an Alchemy golem using a Manual they found in the Whitehearth facility) the Order had little plans for the glut of time they were left with and considering the last time they had time to kill they ended up causing labor riots...I needed to find something for them!